John Klima

John Klima employs a variety of technologies to produce artwork with hand-built electronics, and computer hardware and software.

Consistently connecting the virtual to the real, Klima builds large scale electro-mechanical installations driven by 3D game software he programs from scratch.

Klima has exhibited extensively in museums and galleries in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

His exhibitions include BitStreams at the Whitney Museum of American Art as well as the 2002 Whitney Biennial. He has also exhibited at Eyebeam, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, PS.1 and The Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Klima’s international exhibitions include The Museum for Communication in Bern, Switzerland, the NTT InterCommunication Center in Tokyo, Japan, The Daejeon Municipal Museum in Korea, and numerous international festivals.

Recently, Klima has been focused on sound and music, performing with Entretons, Timespine, Wednesday, Variable Geometry Orchestra, Caro de Fogo de Sei Miguel, and of course, Adriana Sá.

In 2014 he founded “Scratchbuilt Studios” in Lisbon, Portugal, where he has recorded countless musical and experimental sound projects, focusing on vintage analogue recording equipment.



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