Cristina Poveda

Cristina Ruiz-Poveda Vera is Film and Media scholar teaching at U-TAD University of technology and Digital Art (Madrid, Spain).

Her work focuses on two main areas. First, her research explores how the transnational dynamics in film and media contribute to create cultural imaginaries, with special attention to women in European films, contemporary Iberoamerican cinema, issues of memory and identity, and the narrative potential of Virtual Reality.

Second, her teaching and recent research foregrounds the importance of media literacy with a particular focus on agentic citizenship. In 2017, Cristina received the Ruth McQuown Award for the Humanities of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in recognition of her commitment to diversity and overcoming barriers through her research and teaching style.

She has also participated in film festivals such as San Sebastián, and she has experience working in film production, especially in 3D animation.

Cristina received her PhD from the University of Florida in 2018 and her B.A. from the University Carlos III of Madrid 2011.



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